Alejandra Ramirez

HiMood: Mobile App

HiMood is a mobile app that seeks to support mental health by giving its users the ability to monitor their moods and access relevant information and statistics.

My role: Product management and product design.

Collaborated with 2 developers.

The problem

People who are trying to overcome mental illnesses and looking out to getting better don’t have a sustainable way to track their emotions and process.

Our brains forget quickly and trying to remember your emotional states for the week can be a quite hard chore for one person, HiMood seeks to be a remembering companion.


  • 4.2 NPS with our first user base (prototype testing for 3 days).
  • 19/26 users reported remembering to track their moods with the app.

Key features

Quickly add your moods of the day

HiMood is designed for efficiency and honesty. Add your daily mood entry quickly and give more details (only if you want to!). Choose between states of emotions and possible reasons you’re feeling the way you do.

Keep learning about your feelings

Curated information on your feelings and how to make the most of life. Filter by themes and get personalized reccomendations everyday.

Get your emotions’ stats

For improving, you have to keep track of your progress. HiMood gives you monthly reports of your emotions for you to analyze and reflect on.