Alejandra Ramirez

Elevating engagement through gamification

Enhancing engagement on a productivity and study app, and fostering a stronger sense of community within our platform.

Role: Digital product designer

Business Objectives:

  • Achieving a 20% increase in user engagement and collecting feedback from at least 500 users within the first month.

Research and Ideation:

  • We started with competitor analysis, searching through different apps like Forest, Duolingo, Adidas, Pokémon Sleep, and browsed through web study chatrooms, searching for feedback.
  • We explored different community based features and collected feedback through online surveys.
  • We came back to our business objective, which was to enhance the engagement. And we decided to design 2 features: Ranks and streaks, and community reactions.
  • Ranks and streaks: Foster a competitive place, and keeping a streak for rewards can be a motivational factor for users to return to the app.
  • Community reactions: With an already active user chat, we added community reactions to keep the party going, and encourage users to interact even if they don’t feel like talking.


Prototyping and User Testing:

  • Prototypes and wireframes were created, leading to an interactive prototype for user testing.
  • User testing sessions with 52 participants revealed valuable insights, guiding design refinements such as what reactions to include, streak rewards, and our ranking formula.


MVP Launch:

  • The MVP was successfully launched, accompanied by a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Our most important milestone includes a 27.8% increase in daily active users in our first two months.