Alejandra Ramirez

Alejandra Ramirez is a designer crafting thoughtful experiences.

Digital product designer focused on growth and experimentation. Based in Lima, Perú. Currently designing at RIMAC.

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Mobile app for you to keep track of your feelings and learn about them, made for a bootcamp.


“Thrifting app” to make sustainability easier to achieve. Case study made in Perú.

Dribbble snacks

Design shots focusing on visuals, composition, and interaction on my Dribbble profile. 

Hola! My name's Alejandra and I'm a digital product designer

Also known as Ale. I’m a product designer who values growth, systems and scalability.

I’ve been working in design for 4 years now, currently working as a User interfaces designer at RIMAC Seguros to build their in-app sales experience.