Alejandra Ramirez is a designer crafting new experiences.

User Interfaces designer, design systems enjoyer, wannabe programmer, and coffee enthusiast based in Lima, Perú. Currently designing at RIMAC.

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Mobile app for you to keep track of your feelings and learn about them, made for a bootcamp.


“Thrifting app” to make sustainability easier to achieve. Case study made in Perú.

Dribbble snacks 🥑

Design shots focusing on visuals and composition on my Dribbble profile. Come get a look!

Hola! The name's Alejandra and I'm a digital product designer

Also known as Ale (ah-leh). I’m a gen Z designer who values growth, systems and scalability.
Down for a cup of coffee (digital for now) anytime.

I’ve been working in design for 3 years now, starting as a web designer for agencies and entrepreneurs, and currently working as a User interfaces designer at RIMAC Seguros to build their in-app sales experience.